Terms & Conditions

Booking Terms and Conditions of Hire


All bookings are accepted on the following conditions. Swanage Holiday Properties Ltd may amend these Terms and Conditions by giving you written notice.


Swanage Holiday Properties Ltd is a booking agent for individual owners of properties and does not own the properties itself.  In some cases Swanage Holiday Properties Ltd may also manage the property.  IMPORTANT: Swanage Holiday Properties Ltd acts only as agent for the owner of the property and has no liability or responsibility directly to you. You will be contracting directly with the owner.


If you wish to reserve one of the properties for the purpose of a holiday, please telephone us first to check availability.  Please then complete the enclosed booking form in full and return it to us with a deposit of one-third of the total cost plus £20 booking fee. 


By completing and returning the booking form, no contract exists between you and the owner but it allows us to make arrangements for the booking if possible.  If the accommodation is available, when we receive the booking form and the owner accepts the booking, you will be sent confirmation of acceptance of the booking and the contract will be concluded between you and the owner when the acceptance is posted to you. In the event that your booking is being made within six weeks of the commencement of the holiday, the full amount of the holiday must be sent with your booking form, if not your booking will not be complete until payment is received and we may find an alternative tenant.


Payment of the balance owing for the booking must be made within 6 weeks of the commencement date of the holiday. Non-payment of the balance 6 weeks before the holiday will be treated as cancellation of the holiday.


The accommodation will be available at 3.00pm on the day when the holiday is to commence and the accommodation must be vacated by 10.00am on the day of departure. Occupation of the property is strictly limited to those persons named on the booking form. No variation of this is permitted without prior approval of the owner of the accommodation.


In the event that you cancel the holiday once the booking is complete or you fail to pay the balance owing within 6 weeks of commencement of the holiday, you will be treated as no longer requiring the property and we will endeavour to re-let the accommodation. If we are successful in re-letting the property, the amount paid less our reasonable expenses of re-letting the property will be refunded to you. If we cannot re-let the property, the full amount of the contract is payable in addition to our reasonable expenses for seeking to re-let the property.  If the holiday has been paid for and we are unable to re-let the property you will not be entitled to a refund. If not already paid, the sums owing in addition to our expenses will become payable immediately. Should it become necessary to commence legal proceedings against you at any time to recover sums owing, you will also be liable for any costs and expenses associated thereto. 


In the event of any complaint, if we manage the property, you should notify us before the end of the holiday so that we may investigate the complaint and have the opportunity to correct it. If we do not manage the property you should contact the owner directly. In the event that you are unsure who to contact in the event of a complaint, please contact us and we will be happy to assist or refer you to the correct person.


Whilst every effort is made in compiling this brochure as to accuracy at the time of printing, the properties and facilities described therein may be amended from time to time at the absolute discretion of Swanage Holiday Properties Ltd or the owner. Swanage Holiday Properties Ltd and the owner shall use their reasonable endeavours to ensure that the properties or the facilities are of a similar nature, although they may not be identically to those advertised.


These booking conditions will apply to all confirmed bookings.


1.                    The tenancy is a holiday tenancy pursuant to Section 9 part 1 of the First Schedule Housing Act 1988 and is not an assured tenancy. The tenant is given no rights conferred had it been an assured tenancy. 


2.                    THE TENANT WILL


(1)                  Not make any alteration in or addition to the property;

(2)                  Not do or suffer to be done on the property anything which may be or become a nuisance or annoyance to the owner or to the tenants or occupiers of (the rest of the said building or) the adjoining property or may vitiate any insurance of the property against fire or otherwise or increase the ordinary premium thereon;

(3)                  Use the property and the said furniture fixtures and effects in a tenant-like manner;

(4)                  Not remove any of the said furniture and effects from the property;

(5)                  Not assign underlet charge or part with the possession of the property or any part thereof or of the said furniture fixtures or effects or any of them;

(6)                  Not use the property or any part thereof for any other purpose than that of a private holiday residence;

(7)                  Keep the garden (if any) tidy and in good order;

(8)                  Yield up the property at the end of the tenancy with all the said furniture fixtures and effects in the same clean state and condition as they were at the beginning of the tenancy and make good pay for the repair of or replace all such articles of the said furniture fixtures and effects as shall be broken, lost, damaged or destroyed during the tenancy (reasonable wear and tear and damage by fire expected);

(9)                  Leave the said furniture and effects at the end of the tenancy in the rooms or places which they were at the beginning of the tenancy;

(10)               Pay for the washing of all linen and for the washing and cleaning of all counterpanes blankets and curtains which have been soiled during the tenancy (reasonable use thereof nevertheless to be allowed);

(11)               Pay for all gas electric light and power which shall be consumed or supplied on or to the property during the tenancy as previously stated and agreed;

(12)               Pay all charges made for the use of the telephone (if any) on the property during the tenancy or a proper proportion of the amount of such charges to be assessed according to the duration of the tenancy;

(13)               Permit the owner or the owners' agent at reasonable hours in the daytime to enter upon and view the property with prospective tenants or occupiers;

(14)               Not to permit more than the number of persons described on the Booking Form to reside on the property at any one time nor any animals and to observe any other special conditions contained herein.

(15)               The Tenant hereby acknowledges that his occupation of these property under this Agreement is required for his summer holidays ONLY and he undertakes to vacate the premises at the expiration of the tenancy to enable the Landlord to meet his obligations under other Agreements made or to be made for the seasonal holiday lettings and/or to reoccupy the premises himself.