The Isle of Purbeck is an excellent place for cycling, either on road or off-road for the people who like to get muddy! The area has everything from quiet winding country lanes to extreme off-road downhill's and deep mud in the winter months.

The best way to explore the area is to buy an ordinance survey map of the area, OS Outdoor Leisure 15, which you can obtain from most good outdoor shops. Try some of these suggested routes from Virtual Swanage

Local Walks

There are many walks, particularly coastal (recently dedicated a World Heritage Site - the Jurassic Coast), in the Isle of Purbeck and the following are but a small selection.  Those considered "EASY" are relatively flat and not too long, those "MEDIUM" will include some ups and downs and generally be rather longer, those considered "ADVANCED" will involve several climbs and descents and be several miles in duration.  We have found, when recommending walks in the past, opinions vary widely on what is easy or not but we hope you will find the information a reasonable guide. Where indicated a short car or bus ride is required but none involve a car trip of more than 15 minutes.  


For the more adventurous!

If walking, cycling or going to the gym do not meet your needs, try some of the more adventurous activities available in the surrounding area!